Golden Black's flash mob promotional video from 2014. Alejandro and Erick acted in it.

We are an independent game development company.

Amsgames.com web domain was registered by Alejandro Mostajo (founder) back in 2004, although in those days no company was formed and the domain was used to create a fictional entity who developed flash games until 2006, where Alejandro became a BI developer / consultant and moved away from game development.

In 2012, Alejandro decided to return to the game development thanks to the new approach and opportunities that were emerging in the industry, he and Jose Cruz developed a game entry to the World Bank’s "apps for climate" challenge; this alongside his participation in Global Game Jam ignited again his passion for game development.

In 2013, Erick Varen joined Alejandro in the development of prototypes and projects, both decided to take the next step in their entrepreneurism and formed Amsgames, LLC (Amsgames) in 2014. Amsgames was formed in Davis, California and although the company is based in the US, it has operations in Latin America. Our small development team is located in San Jose, Costa Rica.

On march 2015 we launched Stars Wagon, our first commercial video game product, on mobile stores and we are currently about to release the game on PC, Mac and Linux.